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Business School Rankings

BusinessSchoolAdmission.Com‘s Business School Rankings

Top Business School U.S. News




Our Own Ranking
Carnegie Mellon 18 10 17
Chicago 4 3 7
Columbia 8 5 4
Cornell (Johnson) 17 13 13
Dartmouth (Tuck) 9 15 9
Duke (Fuqua) 14 1 12
Emory (Goizueta) 20 18 19
Georgetown (McDonough) 23 24 20
Harvard 1(tie) 8 1
Indiana (Kelley) 21 16 15
Maryland (Smith) 41 17 25
Michigan (Ross) 11(tie) 9 8
MIT (Sloan) 5 14 5
Northwestern (Kellogg) 6 7 6
NYU (Stern) 10 22 10
Ohio State (Fisher) 27 34 N/A
Purdue (Krannert) 44 43 N/A
Rochester (Simon) 37 38 N/A
Stanford 1(tie) 4 2
Texas — Austin (McCombs) 15 23 18
UC — Berkeley (Haas) 7 19 14
UCLA (Anderson) 16 11 21
UNC (Kenan-Flagler) 20 12 24
U. Pennsylvania (Wharton) 1(tie) 2 3
USC (Marshall) 27 21 23
Vanderbilt (Owen) 25 30 22
Virginia (Darden) 11(tie) 20 11
Washington U. (Olin) 22 26 N/A
Yale 13 6 16

Our rankings are extremely subjective and we do not eliminate the possibility that if we were to do them again, there would be a few small tweaks to the business school rankings you see above. We looked at the program’s selectivity, prestige, and reputation amongst recruiters. After we did this, we then compared our rankings to the “big 2” of BusinessWeek and U.S. News and World Report and were quite surprised with the analysis.

We really did set out to establish an impartial ranking based on our own knowledge of the business schools. Of the 28 schools listed above, 12 received a ranking by that was outside the bounds of the other rankings. However, only 2 of these schools, Purdue and USC, were ranked more than 2 positions beyond the bounds of the other rankings.

One of 2 things must be true. Either we were subconsciously biased by the other MBA rankings or we are generally happy with these rankings. We believe it is the latter.

Wall Street Journal Business School Rankings

The Wall Street Journal’s annual business school rankings continue to produce findings that make people talk but largely draw disagreement. There is a methodology, believe it or not, but it is based on small sample sizes and encourages recruiters to discuss a particularly good or bad experience at one of the schools. This is quite convenient for making the ‘objective’ rankings a bit controversial shall we say. For example, the first-ever Wall Street Journal rankings placed Stanford in 45th place, and only gradually raised it to positions 39 and 30 in subsequent years. (Enough said.)

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